Squirming impatiently in my seat as the school bus jostles through the winding streets, I eagerly await the daily expedition of my neighborhood woods. To placate my excitement, I stare intently at the colorful scenery whizzing by. The tinted trees show just a touch of autumn on their outermost leaves, contrasting with the striking green of the cleanly cut lawns. The afternoon sun, in combination with the idyllic landscape, creates a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors and makes for the perfect time for outdoor exploration in a second grader’’s mind. I remember, as a child, racing home after a long school day eager to fulfill only a fraction of the many outdoor plans I had dreamt up in science class. Not willing to waste a moment, I would toss my backpack on the floor and rush to tie my mud-stained shoes. Then, the real fun began as all remembrance of school projects and homework assignments melted away in the kudzu filled expanse. Romping happily among the fallen leaves and treading carefully over moss surrounded creeks, I would observe the natural world around me. From the orderly marching of ants over a fallen tree to the random scurrying of rabbits, nature provided an indescribable allure. Systematically overturning rocks to discover new insects and carefully watching the swimming tadpoles, I endeavored unceasingly to expand my dichotomy of living creatures. Despite eventually becoming wholly familiar with the local flora and fauna, I continued to learn through different methods of discovery by exchanging my physical exploration for a less tangible one. Books and encyclopedias documenting nature to its fullest on all parts of the diverse globe fed my voracious appetite for the life sciences. Attributing my interest in biological studies directly to the countless hours spent away from the confines of the indoors, I greatly appreciate the many impacts nature has had on me. My passion for anatomy, physiology and other life sciences results from my insatiable desire to understand the many phenomena of the natural world. Making sense of the seemingly chaotic events in nature solidifies the foundation of my academic career, allowing me to understand complex material in a way directly relevant to me. Having mastered a basic understanding of experimentation as a child, I continue to employ self-discovery throughout my educational studies. Furthermore, the craving for knowledge has indirectly led to my penchant for intellectual challenges. Having taken college-level science classes in high school, I enjoy not only the fascinating subject matter but also the supremely exigent curricular schedule. Inherently gained in such a demanding environment are both a unique worldly perspective and an intense motivation to succeed. Moreover, the love of biology has instilled in me a passion to pursue a medical career. Medicine, representing the highest level of mastery of biological knowledge, elevates the study of life to an art form because a thorough understanding of biological processes is needed to repair systems and organisms. I was able to delve into this field for the past two summers as a volunteer at Saint Joseph’’s Hospital. Shadowing a diagnostician for over 100 hours, I gained key insights into the medical profession. From the organization of every medical term through Latin nomenclature to the cutting-edge scientific discoveries, the stimulating environment of the medical field provides both a systematic method of operation and exciting new possibilities. The constantly shifting frontier of the newest treatments and medical advancements appeals to my desire to continue learning even after graduation. Personally, medicine combines both the rigor and reward I seek in my profession. My principal intellectual interest in biological studies acts not only as a catalyst for intellectual pursuits but also as a focal point for my career goal. Transforming my childhood curiosity into a well-respected profession, my love of nature and life continues to serve as a guiding theme throughout my life.


SAT: 1500/2250 GPA: 3.9