Much like how a symbiotic relationship is forged between two organisms contributing equally to achieve a common goal, the bond between a student and an institution of higher learning necessitates a desire to cooperate and results in success for both parties. Emory University is the perfect fit for me because Emory distinguishes itself not only in its superb faculty, committed students, and robust academic programs but also in its opportunities for students to contribute directly to their community. Providing the perfect balance between give and take, Emory values the diverse experiences of each student. Because Emory excels in offering undergraduates opportunities to participate in clinical research as well as to observe actual doctors in action, my goals of attending medical school and becoming a diagnostician will receive much attention and preparation. My desire to pursue a medical career will not be the sole beneficiary because my distinct experiences as a volunteer will provide something unique for Emory University. Being awarded in two consecutive years the President’’s Call to Service and the President’’s Service of Excellence titles, I am a proven contributor to the community. Determined to continue my legacy and make a positive difference in the Emory community, I endeavor to improve the lives of the less fortunate. In particular, I am attracted to the SHINE project which serves to tutor immigrants and refugees English in preparation for citizenship. Ultimately, I believe that Emory is a place where I will be challenged to academically prepare for the level of rigor that medical school demands and to maximize my contributions as a citizen to our community and society as well.


SAT: 1500/2250 GPA: 3.9