I emerged into the bright light allowing it to sweetly frame each part of me;

however, getting to that spot was not an easy task. Waiting in the shadows of the show,

the room hidden from the eyes of the world, I sat and waited. I dressed, I put my face on,

and I counted down the minutes. Noise surrounded me; there was rustle and bustle

passing behind me, but there I was, still wrapped up in my own world where I was safe.

It’s a secure spot, my world. In the midst of the world of chaos, I heard a familiar noise

break through the barrier into my universe. My mom came to assure me I was going to

be okay and that I would be amazing in her eyes. With a smile on my face, I thanked her

and told her to join the others.

My time had come. I walked down the bright fluorescent hallway to meet my

fate. Expecting the worst, a decrepit man with a chessboard, I stepped into the room.

Upon my arrival, I did not meet the Devil, but instead my guide. She led me to the spot

where I had to wait patiently. It was dark here; however, I did not let the darkness

smother my light within. Eyes closed, I focused on my goal. Somewhere in the back of

my head, I could hear a musical number end with a roaring applause. My heart raced as I

stood behind the hidden door waiting to show myself openly to the world. It has taken

me a long time to peel my layers of emotion and immerse myself in the world of


The piano cued me. I stepped into the spotlight with a basket of red roses in one

hand. My heart still thumping, I opened my mouth to allow the luscious smooth sound

float freely from my lips. I carefully moved through my blocking as I conveyed my song

to the audience through my character of the rose seller in the musical “Oliver”. At the

end of the song, I finished with a sense of perfection. I gave my all and put everything

out in the open, holding nothing back for myself. This feeling was amplified as I

received my first ever round of applause. The affirmation of a job well done sent chills

down my spine, as I got confirmation from the world that I have value. I vanquished my

fear as I sang my heart out while shattering the blockade I put between my world and


Confidence is an important quality. Exposed to the audience and the world I

have been so afraid of, I expected the worst but received the best. Acceptance was

what my heart was after, and I found it right there on stage, my new home. To gain my

desire I had to lay my heart on the line and risk everything. As George Bernard Shaw

wrote, “There are two tragedies in life, one is to lose your heart’s desire; the other is to

gain it.” It was a risk, and there was a chance that I could have lost my heart’s desire;

however, I gained it. If gaining it is a tragedy, then give me tragedy. The acceptance I

found on stage awoke my heart to feelings that I had been long afraid to feel. I finally

opened myself up to the world, and I was able to run into their open arms with full


Colleges Sent ToEdit

Georgia Tech : Accepted


GPA: 3.62 (unweighted)

SAT: 1960 (1310 M+R/ 650W)