Prompt: Tell us about a recent dream. What do you think it meant? Waking up to an alarm clock ringing, after repeatedly pressing the snooze button, I ran for my shower. As soon as I passed through the bathroom door, however, I found myself in a land of solitude and isolation. Sweating bullets from the wicked heat, I began walking on a deserted road. My worst nightmare had come true. I was alone. Screaming and yelling for some kind of life form to hear me, I received absolutely no confirmation of anything tangible. A little flame ignited on the ground a couple feet behind me. The fire started to grow and spread towards me; looking all around and seeing no end or area of safety, I took off in a sprint to save myself from being swallowed by the blustering flame. Once I started to run, a breeze kicked up forcing me to increase my pace. The roaring wind engulfed me, and I merged into a land of ice and snow. Stopping in my tracks, the transformation of time and mood soaked in. There were kids laughing and playing together, having snowball fights, building igloos, and sledding down hills. Looking all around, my mouth dropped. The sublimity of the scenery was indescribable. The vast range between the heights of the mountains and the depths of the valleys, the lake covered in a thick layer of sweet vanilla icing, and the rarity of the animals living so peacefully were strange and fearful at first glance. It was too perfect to be true; yet as the cold weather tickled my skin, the beauty and reverence for this world became reality in my eyes. Attempting to absorb this experience, I heard a bell from over a hill in the distance. I started running toward the bell since it held a warm and familiar sound. As I ran, I stumbled over the bridge of fiction into reality and rolled over to shut off my alarm. I couldn’t make sense of the dream, but I soon realized I had progressed from my personal hell of attempting to escape solitude and isolation to my heaven of embracing the sublimity and beauty of nature. This dream was almost a reassurance that I had conquered and vanquished the evil in my life. We all have our problems and those awkward years where we try to conform to society, but I had grown and bettered myself by realizing that I wanted to live a life as the person I am. This dream was a confirmation to me that I have been cleansed of bad and filled with good.

Colleges Sent ToEdit

UNC: Denied


SAT: 1310, 1960 GPA: 3.62 (unweighted)