As a child burning with curiosity and emboldened by innocence, I paraded through the

world as if it were my personal playground. Everything was new; everything was exciting. Being

small in such a large world sparked my imagination, and nothing entranced me more so than

books. The multitude of letters that littered the pages formed words depicting a thrilling

adventure. The striking colors of illustrations embodied the language and evoked euphoric

emotions. The starry skies of space were within my reach. The lush, vibrant jungles of the world

were mine to explore. Everything was within my grasp. Anything could be done.

With an ambitious mindset instilled at a young age, I set out to follow a path where I

could make the fiction of today into the reality of tomorrow. Wondering how I could pursue my

goals, I stumbled upon the answer on what seemed to be an ordinary day. Engaged in another

escapade into the realm of fiction, I was distracted by a “tapping” noise in the background.

Trying to discern the source of the disturbance, I found my sister enveloped in a blue glow

emitted by a bizarre creature. Curious, I ambled over to her and inspected the unusual object,

much to her irritation. An eerie light radiated from its exterior and a low hum emanated

throughout the air. Symbols and images were scattered across the surface, and my sibling could

transform them with a motion from her hand. The realization struck me: to transform is to

change. This was the answer. This invention was my means to craft a new era.

Through my forays as a child, I found the perfect tool to bring my dreams to fruition, a

contraption that can take my ideas and bring them to life in crystal-clear, hi-def quality. Ever

since my first encounter with this whirring machine, new ways to create and share have opened

up to me. Programs, websites, CGI – all of these are forms of conceptual expression that can

have a large impact on reality. This instrument is a bridge between the abstract and the physical.

The stars and skies can be viewed at a whim and the exotic jungles explored in an instant. The

computer is a new way to create change. Since the computer’s manifestation in mainstream

culture, society has embraced its conveniences and capabilities, and with the computer’s advent

to popularity, I have strived to learn and apply its capacities in my everyday life: troubleshooting

hardware for teachers, designing graphics for friends, coding programs for amusement.

The computer has allowed me to pursue endeavors that could not be accomplished

through mere academics. It has permitted me to engage in activities that highlight creation and

imagination. After seeing all that has changed in the world in the short time that I have walked

this Earth, I believe that mankind is in the midst of a technological revolution, and I plan to be in

the heart of it.

Colleges Sent ToEdit

Georgia Tech : Accepted

UGA : Accepted

Dartmouth : Denied


GPA: 4.0+ weighted, 3.92 unweighted

SAT: 2220 790 Reading/ 760 Math/ 670 Writing

ACT: 35 Composite

APs: 12 courses